Duotone Academy App — A UX Case Study

Duotone Academy App

The goal

The Double Diamond is the Design Council’s framework for Innovation

Creating a storyboard

Storyboard to develop user empathy and visualise user journey

Identifying the problems

Impact Matrix to understand risk of losing a user due to friction versus ease of validating the assumption
Analysis of feature use. The same trend of under 3% of video uploads was seen across different lessons. Date range 07/2019–12/2020.

Developing the concept

A selection of wireframes from the low-fi prototype

Scenario driven usability testing

Tasks given to participants for the user test to validate assumptions of user friction
Insights drawn from usability testing

Framing the problem

The design challenge

“How might we create a fast, intuitive and customized way for users to engage with lesson content and achieve trick progression.“


Sketching to explore ideas

Building a hi-fidelity prototype

Style Guide created and added to Sketch library to increase efficiency in building the hi-fidelity prototype.
A selection of screens from the hi-fidelity mockup
Apple watch extension to support users while on the water




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